Doubts no doubt

9 Feb

Sorry the photography photoroobit blog has migrated to its own domain and is now at

 There is a new post today. Please check it out.


Resurrection. Not quite. A home for digital snapshots.

7 Feb

Well, this blog has been dormant for a while and its’ resurrection is unlikely. The reason why is because I am interested in different aspects of photography, from collecting photographic formulas (anyone can hop on board with that endeavor) to taking digital snapshots of people of things, from archaic photo processes to traditional analog dark room stuff.

Having all this in one place is too much. So I am launching a few separate blogs, which I hope won’t go dormant any time soon.

The first one is my digital photo stream, yes amazingly enough I secured the domain – (if anyone wants to join me there are create a communal digital photo stream, I’d be more than happy to change the profile or to redesign the site or even make a site independent from the wordpress platform.

So here is the first post.


2 Dec

WordPress is extremely slow. 

In any case this blog will shortly resume its existence. 

Hello everyone – sorry and not sorry

27 Nov

The seems to be perpetually down. I cannot access my own blog and I cannot post anything through the normal interface.  So I apologize if I missed any comments, 


The blog was dormant but now it is apparently semi-dead.  Unlike perhaps. I was not writing in it for a while and when I got back to reviving it I realized that I cannot get to the damned thing.


Something is happening with the WordPress, Any idea what? 


An apparently female Pedestrian

7 Jul
Tallinn on Svema 64

Tallinn on Svema 64


Tallinn and Svema FN62 film, taken with an old French Semflex

If you don’t live in France you can get the great Semflex TLR occasionally through different auction sites, for US public the prime specimen of this would be Ebay.  Search Ebay France ( as well.

You can Soviet film from storage at the 


Walking City Mummies

4 Jul



camera Semflex and expired HP5+ film

For exotic and cheap 35mm film try 


An abandoned house

2 Jul

or may be not?


Kirchstetten, ein obdachloses Haus


I have no idea why is there this odd building, a house consisting of just walls and a door and windows, complete with glass, but with nothing inside and no roof in an otherwise very neat, well-kept and beautiful village of Kirchstetten, home to the Kirchstetten Palace (Schloß Kirchstetten). A story concealed or perhaps a mystery?

Film – Kodak Elitechrome 100 and old Minolta SLR, June 2013

A larger version of this picture is here.

Kirchstetten is located just 17 km from Mikulov, Nikolsburg, where you or anyone interested in analog photography is welcome to stay at and explore countryside including Kirchstette itself.


A pumpkin parade

30 Jun
A pumpkin parade

A pumpkin parade

A parade of pumpkins

Camera Pentacon Six
Film: expired Kodak Ektacolor 160
Photographed near Wildendürnbach, Weinviertel, Lower Austria, Austria, which is less than 10 km away from Mikulov or old Nikolsburg. 



Catching the train

25 Jun

Catching the train

apparently the wrong way

Minolta SLR
Kodak Ektachrome 100G
expired 2005, used June 2013, excellent

Lundenburg (Břeclav)
Southern Moravia

not far from Mikulov or old Nikolsburg

Eine Bahnverbindung
Lundenburg (Břeclav)


Kitchen de light

25 Jun

Kitchen de light

Tasma NK2 film and Zenit E, light in my St. Petersburg kitchen, a delight