Svema MZ-3

19 Jan

Just shot a roll of MZ-3 manufactured by Svema in the glorious Soviet Union, the film was processed for 10 minutes in Perceptol and shot as ISO 6.  Now although ISO 6 might sound outrageously slow, it is really not, most color film emulsions were very slow in the 50s and this film, originally designed for technical photography, suits my needs just fine. I love longish exposures with human figures appearing as ghostly shadows.

The original factory rated speed of Svema MZ-3 is just ISO 4, the film was manufactured in 1989 and performs well at ISO 6, in fact it can easily be pushed to ISO 25 (I might even try pushing it to ISO 50, how many stops that is over factory rated ISO 4?)

You can get a few rolls Svema MZ-3 to try out on your own. The  ordering system is not yet ready so you’d have to contact them or me manually.

Supposedly if you shoot it at ISO 2 and then develop normally, then you’d get a lithographic, no-grays sort of film.

night exposure, Reval

night exposure, Reval

Reval Svema MZ-3

Reval Svema MZ-3  manual, long exposure, the film has beautiful exposure latitude


busstop on Svema MZ-3

Gray-scale pictures below are photographs by Daniil Monakhov from Gattschina (Gatchina, Gatčina), he shot it at higher iso and developed in expired Czech (Foma) LQN developer.  Czech out Daniil’s Flickr account for more MZ-3 samples.

8013678963_f8410398bd_b daytime


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