A spontaneous digital detour

3 Jun

A spontaneous digital detour

Mamiya 645 Pro / Mikulov, Nikolsburg

I apologize to everyone for two things. First I did not write anything in this blog for a very long while because I am tied up with a million of other things like I am opening a bed and breakfast and all photography for the site (as well as for other sites I did) is my own. Check it out at  – cheap, clean, tiny six room hotel with no personnel to speak of but many extras like free coffee, wine and opportunity to borrow analogue cameras from me to shoot the town or the surrounding countryside.

I had like less than an hour of spare time today (now you understand why I stopped blogging) and took the kids and my recently acquired Mamiya 645 for a drive followed by a short walk.  I only had an hour.

Mamiya was supposed to shoot black and white landscapes. I did shoot a few. As I set it down on a cheap tripod, with the Nikolsburg castle (Schloß Nikolsburg) and the Heiliger Berg in the background the temptation to take a portrait of the camera was irresistible. The light was soft and warm (the day itself was anything but), I walked down to the car, grabbed the digital camera which is there just in case – a Sony DSLR with a 1980s Minolta lens screwed on – and took the picture which I thought would be useful on the website for my B and B so I reduced the size for web use (full size image is of course on file). Analog on digital. I prefer the other way around but web use I find digital is easier.

Now with flickr dead join me and other photographers, on, it is better than the old Flickr never mind the new one.

I promise to be back with the analogue stuff.


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