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Doubts no doubt

9 Feb

Sorry the photography photoroobit blog has migrated to its own domain and is now at www.photoroobit.com

 There is a new post today. Please check it out.


Resurrection. Not quite. A home for digital snapshots.

7 Feb

Well, this blog has been dormant for a while and its’ resurrection is unlikely. The reason why is because I am interested in different aspects of photography, from collecting photographic formulas (anyone can hop on board with that endeavor) to taking digital snapshots of people of things, from archaic photo processes to traditional analog dark room stuff.

Having all this in one place is too much. So I am launching a few separate blogs, which I hope won’t go dormant any time soon.

The first one is my digital photo stream, yes amazingly enough I secured the domain – digitalphotostream.com (if anyone wants to join me there are create a communal digital photo stream, I’d be more than happy to change the profile or to redesign the site or even make a site independent from the wordpress platform.

So here is the first post.

Less but more (frequently) – expired Kodachrome 100G

15 Jun

I am now busy with running a proper bed and breakfast or rather a very small six room hotel in Mikulov, Czech Republic and consequently I have very little time for anything else. Especially for writing articles for this semi dormant blog.  So what do I do? I still take pictures now and then. So I thought of transforming this blog from one with lots of words, written and posted infrequently to

Nikolai, child portrait, flower, Kodachrome 100G

Poppy, Nikolai and Kodachrome 100G

something of a photographic diary, but one a diary in fast defunct anologue or analog format because, yes, I shoot film. I also shoot digital now and then, mainly with utilitarian goals in mind, as if when I need to get a picture of something fast, but for digital imagery I think I’ll put another blog that would only be dedicated to digital photography.

I have a small stockpile of Ektachrome 100G. The film expired in 2005 was exposed this summer, in June 2013, as ISO 80 and apparently it is still perfect. Here in the Czech Republic, at least at one drop-off pharmacy location in Mikulov,  one can develop E6 slide film for the equivalent of… 2 euros. That is cheap. Even in Russia, in St. Petersburg, with a very competitive conventional analog processing market, the price of developing E6 film is about 7 europs whilst regular negative C41 costs the equivalent of just 1 or under 1 euro at the really cheap location (and only for 135 format film). In the Czech Republic, at least at that store chain, the situation is precisely the opposite – negative film processing costs a lot, actually it is incredibly expensive (the equivalent of EUR 5  per roll in local currency) whilst slide processing is oddly cheap and fantastically good. Such low prices are either a result of somebody’s oversight or some other fluke of nature or commerce, in any case they won’t last long.  So I’d be shooting color (or colour) slide film for a while. I’ve got quite a lot of it stockpiled. Mostly hopelessly expired. But as this digitized picture shows the film is still perfectly usable, even good, in fact in my opinion the way colors are reproduced are just perfect and the digital scan does not do justice to those beautiful slides.


I also published this image on the ipernity.com – the greatest photo sharing platform.

ORWOCOLOR NC 19 – a historic test of a historical film

26 Jan


Old tangerines, well past their prime

Old tangerines, well past their prime

Orwocolor was made by ORWO at Wolfen in Germany (in the part that was free of American imperialism and Nazism) and is related to Orwochrom and original Agfacolor which was also developed at Wolfen. Wolfen, now a place abandoned and more or less vandalized. I think that destruction of ORWO after Anschlüß was deliberate. Ironically ORWO might have outlived Agfa in film format.

A block of ORWO color film

A block of ORWO color NC19 film

I ran a field “test” on ORWOchrom already and in it I wrote about the origins of this color process.

Below are scans from a roll of Absolutely no post processing was done on the first three. No curves tweaking. No colors added. No burn or dodge. Just actual scan with no processing. This is how it came out. I would assume that’s how it would print in a lab. I have all those images in my flickr stream but I deleted the vegetable supernova (the last photo) because it is so dissonant.

Orwocolor package - the film canister made of metal (!) , instructions insert, the film itself

ORWO color package - the film canister made of metal (!) , instructions insert, the film itself

Scanned as Agfa Optima (Agfa being closest relative and of course the scanner does not have an option for Orwocolor).

German Orwocolor NC19 is a negative film. Although ORWO made   C-41 film in the 135 format before it was destroyed by the enemy the NC19  ctually uses old Agfa and own ORWO technology (I mixed the chemicals and developed the film according to ORWO’s formula). This film was made in 1987 or 1988 and expired in 1991 (that’s the expiration date).

Box from Orwocolor NC 19

Box from Orwocolor NC 19

The film was amazing, it is astounding film – and it is easy and forgiving to use, has enormous latitude and apparently – if this picture can serve as evidence.

Three Apples. I’ll be posting a few more stills – I shot only one roll of this fabulous film.

Three apples, a still life in ORWOCOLOR

Three apples, a still life in ORWOCOLOR

The actual scan is 84 mb, and the detail is just dramatic. These are tiny scans for the web (click on the image to see it larger but they are still very small).

ORWO Orwocolor NC 19
Chinese close-up lens 1 to 2
Rollei SLX
self-made chemical solutions (raw chemicals bought from Calbe Chemie, in its past an ORWO enterprise).

Results above

A little hooliganism with Orwocolor, vegetable are rioting

or Vegetable supernova. I might delete it later.

Vegetable super nova

Vegetable super nova